We make the Verses Converge

Imagine the natural world blending seamlessly with the metaverse

The problem


Physical World

  • Behavior and Experience analytics for Physical Business are based on “derived data”, not on actual people patterns but on outcomes and results (receipts, surveys)
  • There is no digital-like experience platform for the physical world (orverse)
  • Metaverse

  • As per a Gartner prediction, by 2026, 25% of people will spend at least an hour per day in Metaverse.
  • Metaverse allows for a high level of personalization of customer experience, like never before.
  • Experience Orchestration

  • A customer should be able to enjoy the same experience with a brand, whether in the physical or metaverse.
  • Segmentation, profiling, and personalization should be the same and the most accurate in each verse securing coherence across verses
  • The solution

    We make the physiverse

    Imagine the real world that seamlessly blends with the metaverse

    The physiverse

    • Segment, profile, predict behaviors tointeract like never before into the physicalverse
    • Deliver an individual experience in the realworld blending real objects with computer-generated ones and NFTs
    • Computer vision, AR, behavior AIanalytics, and neuromarketing for real-time hyper-personalized experience

    The metaverse

    • Blockchain, NFTs, extended reality (XR),
      AI, and more to build new avenues of
      community engagement and experience
    •  Virtual products & services, digital art & collectibles. games, concerts & events, promotions, marketing
    • Segment, profile, predict behaviors on the metaverse

    The ominverse

    • Identify super-patterns, super-personas, and super-profiles across physi- and metaverse

    •  Orchestrate coherent and
      hyper- personalized experiences throughout both physi- and metaverse


    YOSI experiences in the real world
    The Physiverse Xperience Platform

    Imagine the real world that seamlessly blends with the metaverse

    Deliver You-Only-See-It (YOSI) experiences in the real world by blending real objects with computer-generated images and NFTs

    Individual Experiences. Delivered

    Personalized blended reality in the real world

    Individual and unique experiences built on single customer data and/or visitor profiling data and delivered in real time through a personal blended reality in the physical world

    Improve Business Metrics

    With Experience Insights

    Stop guessing. Get automated, in-context insights. Segment, profile and predict what people like and wish. D r i v e  r e v e n u e , l o y a l t y, a n d Customer Lifetime Value.

    The Metaverse
    Meet, work, play, shop in the Metaverse
    People come to the metaverse for an experience
    Make Your Own Metaverse

    Where AirBnB offers resorts, hotels, condos, apartments, and other venues, Conversence MaaS meets demand of wholooks to host events, create social communities, put up virtual storefronts, and operate internal company offices, as well as advertise brands and businesses across virtual land. With Conversence MaaS, any customer, brand, company, artist or entrepreneur can create their own metaverse experience.

    Events & Marketing
    Happening In The Metaverse

    Conversence makes custom metaverse activations, concerts, art installations, galleries, museums, film screenings, and more through.

    Let’s make it happen in the metaverse 

    Metaverse Insights
    Profiling And Prediction
    Metaverse Insights Profiling And Prediction Conversence allows to segment, profile, and predict behaviors in the metaverse. Accurate customer data to help you increase customer satisfaction, retention, and Lifetime Value. Conversence makes people expects and wishes 
    The Omniverse Xperience Platform
    Experiential Coherence Across Physi- And Meta-verse
    • Conversence Omniverse ensures a customer enjoys the same personalization, whether in the physi- or meta-verse.
    • Conversence Omniverse allows to identify patterns in each verse and reconstruct super-patterns combining both verses data  in order to allow borderless and hyper-personalized experiences between verses


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